Executive, Team + Individual Coaching


Sometimes we just need some support, or a new perspective on an old problem. the process leaders and team members may need mentoring from an outside perspective for personal or group development.

We start off by understanding the individuals involved in the team with one-to-one interviews. From those interviews we build a program “for better health” together. Something that makes sense to all involved. Designing the program  together, builds buy-in and ownership. More ownership = more successful outcomes for process, design, life or strategy advising.



One way to help the team execute positive results in a day-to-day basis, is to have a “group think” around reflecting on prior tasks. Each team member can bring problems to the meeting for the group to solve together with advising.

Team Definition + Marketing

The team may also wish to redefine the group mission, tasks, value statement and marketing within the PMHS.

Learning to Understand

Utilizing Design Research and ethnographic techniques the team will practice and discover ways to understand the intrinsic needs, desires and problems of other individuals. This will enable them to act as stronger facilitators and leaders within the organization.

Learning to Present

This workshop will enable team members to absorb and practice the basics of strong presentation skills.

Conflict Management

This series of workshops will help team members learn their own personal conflict style, understand others, utilize clear communicate skills, and disarm conflict in their lives and work spaces.