Design Research


Human behavior is SO AMAZING!

Design research is our first love. We adore watching people and informing the world about their behaviors. That’s good for you, because we can help you learn about your customers, understand their intrinsic needs and then help apply those findings to your new or existing product or service.

We start off by defining the current state, then based on field research help to generate recommendations to shift the company focus and envision foreseeable futures with the management team.

We want your team involved! Come with us on the field visits, learn how to conduct and analyze the data we collect, then prioritize them for their impact on the rest of the project, and consider their implications for your team, your organization and your final product or service.


Presentation & Visioning Workshop

We are always impressed by the productive nature of meetings when there is a mixture of brilliant people in one room for an extended period of time. The goal of this “workshop” is to enable management to discover the findings from this portion of the study, push the design thinking to the next level and envision a future where the customer sits at the center focus.

Communication material 

Designed for you, your team and your organization, our final communication materials will describe the findings and implications from the field visits. These are perfect tools to define internal decisions, help get buy-in from all levels, and communicate the outcomes clearly and concisely.